Mamma mia – the Italian cuisine makes your heart beat faster? Then you most certainly want to spend some time at the restaurant Ernesto Lomio, the “capo della casa”. Forget your everyday stress, relax, and enjoy a freshly prepared “slow food” combined with an Italian attitude towards life.

During the summer, for example, the beautiful terrace provides enough space for anyone who would like to come with the extended family – there is even enough space for at least 130 people.

If you would like to see how your food is being prepared, then there is the possibility to watch the chef in the “livecooking” area. Additionally, what we especially love about Ernesto is that almost every meal can be taken away, including the olive oil he produces himself. Moreover, not only typical Italian classics like pizza, pasta variations, and lavazza-tiramisu are available at the restaurant, but also original culinary creations that are refined with extra vergine olive oil from their own olive grove. All those specialties are available even if the shops of the WEBERZEILE are already closed.